Building Communities, One Step At A Time

The Mission   The Coltrane Group is dedicated to restoring, documenting, and preserving rich heritage of Oklahoma’s remaining Historic Black Towns, their buildings and their people.  We proactively engage in increasing cultural tourism, in strengthening and vigorously promoting the economic development of Oklahoma’s least known treasure — its historical Black towns.

The Vision   Although awareness and knowledge of Oklahoma’s Thirteen Historical Black Towns and their history is increasing, most Oklahomans and non-historians across America are unaware of this rich treasure that yet exists.  At one time, over fifty incorporated All-Black Towns and communities in Oklahoma were duly recorded, fully viable and thriving. This was and yet remains the largest representation of Black Towns in North America! Through increasing exposure of:

  • Historic Black Town Tours
  • ‘Colored Memories’ exhibits
  • ‘Black Towns Then, Black Towns Now’ presentations
  • ‘Historic Black Towns Honors 13’ public banquets
  • ‘Historic Black Towns’ 13 Quilts exhibits 
  • College orientations, library/community center/public schools/other institutional presentations       
  • Farmers’ and Merchants Bank Robbery Reenactment
  • Other Coltrane Group projects –we will incite users in Oklahoma and beyond to further explore and research Oklahoma’s Historic Black Towns. This newly gained knowledge and awareness will encourage deeper understandings of the historic plight/flight of many African Americans.


The Boards of The Coltrane Group are manned by highly resourceful, multifaceted, and dedicated stakeholders deeply invested in the future of Oklahoma’s Historic Black towns. Amongst both groups are a Corporate CEO; Community College President; Executive Director, Langston University Foundation; two retired college Vice Presidents; retired National President, Missionary Baptist Church Convention; regional head of The Latter Day Saints; Executive Director, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses; Tribal Director of Human Resources; Director of Small Town Studios, University of Oklahoma School of Architecture; State Representative; Municipal Judge; retired Historical Architect, National Park Service; retired college professor; retired State Global Manager, Department of Commerce; school district Administrator; Economic Development Commission Chair; Vice Chair, Church Trustees; Clinical Therapist; three Business consultants; daily circular editor; Hospital administrator; Data Analysis Supervisor.